Membership Levels

Last Modified: February 12, 2019

Every 30 day, your membership level will be automatically updated by Wizards Unite Shop Team, in accordance with the amount you will have spent on Wizards Unite Shop. Please find below the 5 different levels you can target, along with the corresponding requirements:

Membership level: Required Spending Discount
MAGIC LEVEL 1 0 USD – 300 USD 0% discount
MAGIC LEVEL 2 301 USD – 800 USD 10% discount
MAGIC LEVEL 3 801 USD – 1500 USD 15% discount
MAGIC LEVEL 4 1501 USD – 2000 USD 20% discount
MAGIC LEVEL 5 More than 2000 USD 25% discount

To know which membership level you’re at, please log into your Wizards Unite Shop account and click on “MY ACCOUNT”.

Loyalty Points

Last Modified: February 22, 2019

Because your support does matter to us, we want to express our gratefulness by rewarding you: by just purchasing on Wizards Unite Shop, you can not only enjoy extra discounts, but you can also earn points that can then be redeemed on Wizards Unite Shop to pay for your orders. The number of points you get equals the amount of your order:

1 USD purchase = 1 Wizards Unite Shop point = 0.1 USD gained

If you will buy something for 100 USD, you will get 100 Wizards Unite Shop points wich you can convert to 10 USD and use them for your next order.

To check how many points you own, first log into your Wizards Unite Shop account; the amount can then be found on the “MY ACCOUNT section, under the “MY LOYALTY POINTS” tab.

Attention: The points that have been obtained 30 days ago will automatically expire, so please pay attention to the expiration date of your points to use them before it’s too late. Vouchers created by the loyalty system can be used to pay all game assets listed at Clash-Games.Store.